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  Mission Statement  

Moorefield Intermediate School will provide a challenging learning environment that enhances skills and promotes success for every child.

 We Believe:

  • That all students can learn and achieve
  • That instructional strategies will be designed to meet the educational needs of each student
  • That community and family involvement increase student success
  • That a safe and secure environment promotes learning and a sense of well being
  • That students will continue to expand technology skills

  About The School  

Moorefield Intermediate School

Image for Moorefield Intermediate School

Moorefield Intermediate began its first school year in 2008-2009.  Grades 3 and 4 were housed at Moorefield Elementary, and grade 5 was housed at Moorefield Middle.  MIS opened its doors for students on December 16, 2008.  MIS has 6 third grade classrooms, 5 fourth grade classrooms, and 5 fifth grade classrooms. 

We are a Steven Covey "Leader In Me" School and very proud of it!  We focus on building leadership within our students by holding them accountable for their learning and individual growth.  Students keep Leadership Notebooks that track their progress in various areas of development.  Students also participate in Leadership Clubs each week that provide opportunities for them to learn through personal interest and social/emotional development.