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Principal's Corner

Parents, WE NEED YOU!

Mrs. Van Meter, Principal
Mrs. Van Meter, Principal

  As a Moorefield native, I know the importance and value of growing up in a small town.  I received a great education in Hardy County and was very blessed to have great educators and parents that encouraged me to enter into the world of education.   It was a good 'old fashioned schooling where I carried my books from class to class and didn't have Google or Wikipedia to help me do my homework.  When my tenth grade English teacher Mr. Arnold assigned author studies, we checked out books from the library and hand wrote our 50 note cards.  I can still tell you many facts about Henry David Thoreau.  When my Math teacher Mr. Combs taught me about algebraic equations, my parents sat down at the table and helped me master my 30 nightly problems (yes, at least 30 EVERY NIGHT). 

 Today's students have the entire world at their fingertips through access to electronics and the world wide web.  This can be a great resource for your son or daughter to help enhance their education and to us as parents when we just can't remember those Orders of Operations.  It can also be a hindrance to their cognitive development.  Research shows that children ages 4-12 spend up to 8 hours or more a day looking at an electronic device.  Parents, I hate to tell you that statistics for adults aren't much different.  One very important piece of your child's education is communication, and I don't mean texting!  Your son or daughter needs to talk to you.  They need to talk about what happened at school today, what they had for lunch, what they did in PE, and what they learned.  They need to be able to tell you how they do this "new math" that everyone is talking about.  They need you to help with homework and talk with their teachers.  They need you to check their grades and hold them accountable.  They need to see you read a book, or the newspaper and get excited about it.  Students need to look into your eyes and learn how to read body language, social cues, and be able to SEE that you are proud of them and their hard work or see the look of disappointment in your eyes when they didn't study for that test.  Please make it a point to put down your phones and talk.  It will make a huge difference in your child's education and in your personal relationship with him/her.

It is my goal to make Moorefield Intermediate School the BEST place for your child to grow and learn!  I can't do this without the help and support of you as parents.  Thank you for all you do!


With much appreciation,

Sheena Van Meter, Principal