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Parent Resources
Find AR books at home
This link is a resource for finding book level, point value, and quiz numbers for all AR books.

Renissance Place

AR Parent Reports Sent to Your Email

Parents...Every wonder if your child is REALLY taking those AR tests? Wonder what they made on those tests? You can have a report delivered to your email everytime your child takes a test. Clik on this link and follow the setup steps. **Be sure to check your email after setup and click on the confirmation link that the program provides.** Contact your child's teacher if you have any problems.

Your child will know their login and password.

Student Resources
Order in the Library Game

Test your skill at putting library books in the correct Dewey Decimal order.  Start with sorting and work  your way through Dewey Decimal reordering.  How many levels can you successfully complete? I challenge you to become "Master of the Universe"!